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Not Your Identity™

Bridging the gap between the Tattoo and Cosmetic Industry

Ferbs Cosmetics - Tattoo Undercover and Alibi - RecycledBride.comFerbs introduces the first cosmetic designed specifically to cover up the most outrageous tattoo inks. Tattoo Undercover and Alibi use a long lasting and proprietary formula which enable even the most inexperienced cosmetic users to cover their image with confidence.

Created for people with tattoos by people with tattoos, our tattoo cosmetics product line helps the 48 million Americans with ink temporarily and effectively conceal their images, not their identity™ with Ferbs Cosmetics makeup for tattoos. The Ferbs development team has 10+ years of experience working in laser tattoo removal clinics as physicians, managers, patient care specialists and laser treatment coordinators.

After aiding in more than 30,000 laser treatments, it was clear that a great demand existed for a more cost-effective way to hide tattoos. We developed and tested our products to create a waterproof liquid foundation cover up that looks natural on the skin and effectively hides even the largest tattoos without rubbing off. Utilizing our tattoo cosmetics in just a few easy steps, Tattoo Undercover™ temporarily disguises any color tattoo on any part of the body. For best results, make sure to follow our tattoo cover up directions.

Also, Ferbs Cosmetics Tattoo Undercover & Alibi Setting Powder tattoo makeup is also great for covering scars, skin blemishes, bruises, birthmarks, moles, veins, acne, rosacea, redness and hyper-pigmentation. If you can’t decide which skin tone is right for you, we encourage you to request a temporary tattoo cover up sample!

Need some tips or have some application tricks? Check out How to Choose the Perfect Skin Tone, Frequently Asked Questions or join the tattoo conversation on Facebook!




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