Cover up Tattoos (?)

Reasons Why People Cover up Tattoos

“Cover up tattoos? Why would anyone ever want to do that??”

We hear all to often that people do not understand why anyone would want to cover up tattoos, but the fact of the matter is there are many different reasons for it. According to a 2010 Pew Research report, 15 percent of Baby Boomers, 32 percent of Generation X and 38 percent of Millennials have tattoos. With those types of numbers, more and more people are getting tattooed every generation – creating more and more reasons for tattoo cover up every day. It’s actually quite simple math when you break it down. And since we’re so obsessed with numbers at the moment here are 10 reasons why people want to cover up tattoos.

1. Do Not Like the Tattoo.

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Do Not Like Tattoo

Most often, people seek to cover up tattoos because they simply grow tired of the original tattoo or never liked it in the first place. It could be a tattoo they got in the spur of the moment and have always regretted, or perhaps it is a poorly done tattoo. Maybe it is a tattoo that had a cliché meaning during a certain time in that person’s life that the person would rather forget. This is most often the case with relationship related tattoos – name tattoos and/or gang-related tattoos carry the most regret. When the relationship is over, people often want to cover up tattoos that remind them of it.

In the case of Microsoft Zune’s biggest fan who had three Microsoft Zune tattoos on his body, he finally threw in the towel and opted for a new, much larger Dick Cheney Devil tattoo citing lack of product development on Microsoft’s part as reasoning for abandoning the fad. Replacing it with a much larger tattoo of a different fad was an interesting choice, though, and it makes you wonder how soon he will jump to cover up tattoos of the other Zune logos.

2. Family or Meeting New People.

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