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Tattoo Cover up 101 l Ways to Cover up a Tattoo

Ever since there have been tattoos, there have been a need for tattoo cover up. There are many reasons why people want to cover up tattoos. Unfortunately, there are only a few different ways to use tattoo cover up to effectively hide your tattoo.

  • Clothes
  • Tattoo Cover up Makeup
  • A New Tattoo
  • Tattoo Removal


Depending on the placement of the tattoo, clothing is often the most popular, easiest and relatively inexpensive option for tattoo cover up depending on your style. If the tattoo is on the chest, for instance, simply wearing a t-shirt will conceal the tattoo. However, this is not an appropriate option for every occasion such as a day on the beach. Until recently clothing was the only option to hide a tattoo. However, tattoos on the hands, neck or face are often too difficult to cover up with clothing.

tattoo cover up clothes - doctor cover up tattoos

Tattooed Doctor

Specially made tattoo coverup sleeves have also been created to cover up arm and leg tattoos. Common complaints with tattoo coverup sleeves are that it is hard to match specific skin and that it is too hot, even when made from well-ventilated materials that “breath”. Other complaints are that it is quite obvious that you are hiding a tattoo.

Tattoo Cover up Makeup

Tattoo cover up makeup, not be confused with tattoo makeup, is a popular and effective way to temporarily cover up a tattoo. For many reasons, using a tattoo concealer is the option we recommend most, as it can be used to effectively and temporarily conceal your tattoo for any occasion in any environment. With makeup the cover up is only temporary and it’s flexible texture can be made to look like your real skin, so you do not have to wear heavy and hot clothing.

Leg Tattoo Cover up Photo

However, tattoo cover up makeup is a little different than applying normal makeup like you would to your face. For example, the makeup is usually made at a little thicker consistency when in a liquid foundation form, or carries relatively the same consistency as most of your average makeup concealers. Poorly done, very faded or very light tattoos with black inks are the easiest to cover. One of the key ingredients in tattoo cover up makeup is special minerals known to bend and reflect light, which are crucial for concealing vibrant inks in many modern tattoos. Our Ferbs Cosmetics tattoo cover up makeup contains a proprietary blend of select minerals directly within the makeup, while other products require the use of a separate “tattoo primer” makeup product that you rub over your tattoo before applying the tattoo coverup makeup. In a pinch, certain lipstick has been known to work in place of a tattoo primer.

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