Augmented Reality QR Code Tattoo – Best QR Codes for Tattoos?

Augmented Reality QR Code Tattoo with EZ Code

Augmented Reality QR Code Tattoo with EZ Code

Is it possible that the best QR Codes for tattoos, are not QR Codes at all?

Check out this video below which features an augmented reality tattoo that comes to life with ScanLife’s “EZ Code” QR Code technology.

“the tattoo was applied by Paris-based artist Karl Marc, who gave Co.Design some interesting intel about Marco’s design.”

There are several reasons we’ve heard which makes a case that these new EZ Codes are one of the best options to choose when picking an interactive QR Code to tattoo on your body.

Here’s some of the EZ Code pros:
-The EZ Code can be tattooed smaller than the recommended 10cm wide QR code size
-You can change the link at any time
-EZ Code’s large, blocky design will ensure that it’ll continue to work even if your tattoo fades and smears with age

However, here are some of the EZ Code cons:
-You will need a pro membership to change the link at any time
-You will need the Scanlife app to scan your code

However, if you’re website savvy and know how to redirect a URL, you could also create a QR code from a URL you own, and then just redirect that URL to your preferred content ie a Facebook page or Youtube video. However, if there is one tip we can recommend it’s that if you are going to link any video to a mobile device (like a QR Code) it is best if you host the video on Youtube. Not only will hosting the video on Youtube save your own website’s hosting bandwidth, Youtube videos are also view-able on the most mobile devices. As a bonus, directing all this traffic to one source (your youtube video) will boost your video views on youtube and increase the chance that your QR Code tattoo or tattoo makeup video will be seen!

There are also other QR Code options such as Microsoft Tag or even

What QR Code service do you recommend for tattoos?

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  2. Queaar Inc says:

    Wow, really? Didn’t see that coming. Well it’s always amazing to see the possibilities out of any offering.

    Great post.

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