Shark Medical Tattoo

Tweet Here’s another cool story about medical tattoos. Check out this awesome tattoo of a shark meant to make light of an otherwise unfortunate situation. I wonder if his arm was really bitten off by a shark? What other cool medical tattoos have you seen? Social Bookmarking
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Techy Computer Commands Arm Tattoo

Tweet Want to get a really nerdy tattoo? You might consider getting this tattoo of a bunch of computer command prompts up your entire arm like this guy’s tattoo we found online. I wonder if you can cover up tattoos like these by adding a new tattoo, [delete] (jk!, of course!) However, I think one of the funniest part about this tattoo is his pose in the first picture. Social...
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NES Controller Chest Tattoo

Tweet Dedication or Begging for Tattoo Concealer? Really?? Social Bookmarking
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Horrible Pac Man Tattoo

Tweet Check out this horrible Pac Man tattoo we found online. Still feeling like playing the classic arcade game? I didn’t think so (at least not until they learn how to cover up tattoos). Social Bookmarking
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Mario & Luigi Feet Tattoos

Tweet Social Bookmarking
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Awesome Tech Squid Tattoo

Tweet Check out this awesome techy squid tattoo we found on tumblr. The pink and green ink is super vibrant and cool. Who would want to use tattoo makeup on these cute, little guys? Social...
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Vintage Tattoo Gallery

Tweet Vintage Tattoo's Social...
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Tattoos Go Interactive

Tweet From dot-to-dot to scannable QR Codes – check out these tattoos with an interactive twist!   Social...
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