Megan Fox Removes Tattoo l Important Factors for Good Tattoo Cover Up

Megan Fox shows off her fading tattoo, luckily for her she is a good candidate for tattoo cover up in the meantime

other important factors for a good tattoo removal include:

Other factors for tattoo removal:

  • Ink Color – Black is the easiest to remove and dark colors break up faster than light inks. Typically blue and green are the most stubborn
  • Age of the Tattoo – The older the tattoo the more broken down the ink is and the easier to remove
  • Professional vs Amateur – Professional tattoos are classified as a tattoo that was done with Professional tattoo equipment. When done with professional equipment, the deeper the ink and more difficult to remove

Megan’s light skin with against the contrast of the black ink make her a good candidate for tattoo removal, the fact that the tattoo is light and mostly shading also help the ink breakup more even and quicker.

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