Oh No! Our Twitter Account Is Suspended

UPDATE 2/6/2010: Our account has been reinstated. 🙂

To our surprise we awoke this morning to a banned Twitter account (sniff). My first reaction was to panic, my second to cover it up (pun intended), my third was to stay calm and contact Twitter support and contest account suspension here http://help.twitter.com/forums/26257/entries/15790. Of course I stayed calm and politely followed procedure since panicking gets you nowhere and we only cover up tattoos , or at the very least bruises, blemishes, birthmarks and other skin imperfections.

We are optimistic that we will get our Twitter account reinstated and appreciate all of your support! Thank you. We will keep you posted on the outcome. In the meantime if your account has become suspended, I found the following online articles particularly helpful in keeping me calm during such a dramatic, coffee-induced morning…

How to Get Your Suspended Twitter Account Back – My Personal Experience:

Are You Risking Twitter Account Suspension?

Inside of a Banned Twitter Account:

7 Steps to Follow if your Twitter account is Suspended: (note –we do not suggest #3 on this list)

Why Twitter banned my account and How to get back on Twitter?:

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