Phoenix Police Fight Tattoo Cover Up Policy

In an attempt to make the Phoenix Police look more professional the city has issued a new policy against tattoos stating no visible tattoos allowed and and officers must cover up tattoos.

The Phoenix police officer union (PLEA is fighting the policy that is scheduled to take effect at the end of the month.

The department has allowed tattoos with no restrictions for over a decade however now officers will have to wear long-sleeved shirts or tattoo cover up if the tattoo is larger than a 3×5 card.

Mark Spencer, President of PLEA, says the city has the right to regulate a dress code, but says the problem is that it only targets cops. ┬áHe adds that covering them up won’t make the city any safer. Phoenix city firefighters, water treatment and administrative employees will not have to follow the same tattoo cover up policy.

One response to “Phoenix Police Fight Tattoo Cover Up Policy”

  1. Conqrer11 says:

    As opposed to fire fighters,Water treatment etc.Police Officers are the chosen delegates to Represent Law and Order.There expected to have a professional demeanor,and a Respectful and Approachable Character.I am a person with sleeved arms,but because I know the Negative Persona that Tattoos project,I choose to wear Longsleeved shirts at work and at some community functions,in Respect and consideration for most especially our Elders,and for others of the community who do not see it the way I do,in regards to Tattoos.So then in conclusion I think that if your a member of Law Enforcement,Yes it should be a Requirement for you to cover up your Tattoos,for the overall good of the society,and the well-being of there positions as Enforcers of Law and Order!!!

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