Tattoo Makeup That Won’t Rub Off On Clothes!

Looking for a tattoo makeup that won’t rub off on clothes?

We put our tattoo concealer to the test!

Tattoo Makeup that doesn’t rub off is especially important for brides, weddings, actors, actresses, models and during job interviews – you need to be confident with your tattoo cover up and the last thing you need worry about is if your tattoo makeup is still working.

Here are the untouched tattoo cover up photos after 8 hours.

To make it even more challenging, we covered the tattoo makeup with jeans, leg warmers, socks and boots so the makeup would be more likely to  heat up and rub off.

tattoo makeup that doesn't rub off

Tattoo Makeup Test, The tattoo cover up was kept warm and covered by clothes all day long.

Tattoo Makeup that doesn't rub off on clothes

Tattoo Makeup didn't come off on clothes and the tattoo is still concealed.

Tattoo Makeup that doesn't come off on clothes

Area of clothing that was against the tattoo makeup.

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