Tattoo To-Do List – Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May 9th!

Check out the latest tattoo novelty item we saw today at Ahhs!  Don’t forget Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th.
Ahhs! Is a popular novelty store in Southern California, much like how ‘Spencer’s gifts’ are popular in the midwest.  Don’t ask what we were doing there – it was for a special mother’s day gift … our mom’s rock!
We want to wish all of our tattooed and un-tattooed moms out there a very special Happy Mother’s Day!  Enter MOM at checkout for free shipping, now until the end of Mother’s day, May 9th, 2010 to save on Ferbs Cosmetics tattoo concealer.
(Love you mom! 🙂

One response to “Tattoo To-Do List – Don’t forget Mother’s Day is May 9th!”

  1. In honor of Mother's Day, check out this Mr. T Mother's Day rap video from the 1980's “Treat Your Momma Right” by Mr. T.

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