Tips for a great tattoo experience

Tips for Getting a Tattoo brings us some great tips for having the best experience possible when getting a tattoo.

Here they are in no particular order:

– Eat a light meal before you arrive at the tattoo studio. You can avoid feeling queasy and light-headed if you eat something beforehand. If you are prone to passing out, bring a soda and candy bar along with you to help raise your blood sugar level in case it starts to drop.

– Refrain from bringing a group of people with you when you get your tattoo. Having too many people around you, watching and asking multiple questions may cause you to lose concentration and overreact to the pain. If you feel the need to bring support, choose one close friend.

– Sit still. Moving around while being tattooed is bad for a number of reasons. If you can’t control yourself enough to sit still, you’ll feel anxiety. Your tattoo artist will have a difficult time giving you a wonderful tattoo if you are jumping around and it may cause them to become anxious as well.

– Bring along something that you know will take your mind off of the pain, such as a book or an iPod.

– Arrive for your tattoo appointment sober. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not going to help the pain, it will make your tattoo experience a negative one. A professional tattoo artist will refuse to service you if you attempt to be tattooed in an altered state.

– Last but not least, breathe. Take slow and deep breaths, you’ll notice yourself staying in control.

Getting a tattoo can be an awesome experience if you prepare yourself ahead of time. While it may hurt, the pain is only temporary. Your new art will last a lifetime.

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