What is My Skin Tone?

Ever Wonder ‘What is My Skin Tone’?

Helpful tips on how to determine which skin tone and tattoo concealer is right for you

Ever wonder “what is my skin tone?” Determining your undertone will help you decided which Tattoo Undercover and Alibi Setting Powder is best for you.

If you already know your skin’s undertone, here’s what colors you should choose from:

Tattoo Cover Up Colors

Warm Undertones:

*Best for yellow undertones

Medium Light



Cool Undertones:

*Best for  pink undertones


Medium Dark


If you still need a little help determining your undertone, here are some helpful tips:


1. What colors look best against your skin?


Warm Undertones tend to look best in natural or earthy colors such as rust, peach, brown, or light yellow.

Cool Undertoneslook best in vibrant colors like bright or cool blue, silver, emerald green and purple.


2. How does your skin react in the sun?


Warm Undertones typically tan and rarely burn.

Cool Undertonesburn easily and are more sensitive to the suns rays.


3. What color are the veins in your wrists?

(Stand in natural sunlight for this one)


Warm Undertones have more yellow in their skin causing veins to appear green.

Cool Undertoneshave veins that appear blue.


4. How do silver and gold jewelry affect the way your skin looks?


Warm Undertones pop when gold is placed next to the skin.

Cool Undertones tend to look better in silver jewelry or with silver accents.