152 Facebook Friend Tattoo

After months of work YouTube’r susyj87 shows off her new 152 Facebook Friend Tattoo! http://www.youtube.com/user/susyj87

Check out the video!


No Tattoo Concealer Necessary

Facebook Arm Tatoo Of 152 Friends Is A Hoax!!

According to http://www.allfacebook.com/facebook-arm-tatoo-of-152-friends-is-a-hoax-2011-06

The one-of-a-kind tatoo that depicts 152 Facebook photos was originally described as a process that took two weeks to create. When the video, originally uploaded on May 30, entitled “My Social Tatoo” was released, it went viral all across the globe, receiving nearly 1.5 million viewers. Upon seeing the minute and a half short, many probably wondered what kind of narcotic, the unidentified woman, whose arm was being tatooed, was on!

Well, now we all know that the tatoo is absolutely removable. That’s right, a transfer that took only two hours to apply and that washes off in a couple of days. Pretty Social, the company that was behind the tatoo brainchild, admitted the little prank on its Facebook page. In a boldfaced statement, the company said the following, “Our viral video has made quite an impact yesterday all over the world. It got everybody talking, even CNN!”

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