Tattoo Cover Up (with Tips from the Expert!)

How to Cover up Tattoos with Expert Tattoo Cover Up Tips

These step by step tattoo cover up instructions plus bonus tips are guaranteed to help you achieve the best tattoo cover up applications. If you still have questions, watch the Full Length Instructional Video below, chat with us directly or email us!

Tattoo cover up tip number one begins by starting in a well lit area. Natural sunlight is ideal or be sure to step outside after applying Alibi Setting Powder to see if any touch ups are needed. Blend with additional layers of Alibi Setting Powder if necessary.

1. Clean tattoo area and apply moisturizer.

Tip: Using a water based moisturizer will give best results and for a more natural look, remove hair in the tattoo area to keep Tattoo Undercover from collecting around hair follicles.

2. Apply Tattoo Undercover using Ferbs Foundation Brush.

Apply multiple thin layers (typically 3 – 5) of Tattoo Undercover over entire tattooed area. Apply quickly to alleviate unnatural lines. Start applying from the middle of your tattoo and extend Tattoo Undercover slightly past tattooed area, blending edges completely. Allow Tattoo Undercover™ to dry completely between applications.

We emphasize thin layers because thinner layers dry faster. Plus Tattoo Undercover is formulated much thicker than your average concealer, so using just a little bit of Tattoo Undercover will go a long way for most users. Nonetheless, more ‘thin’ applications will still dry faster and take less time to apply than trying to apply fewer ‘thick’ applications.

Tip: To decrease drying time use a hair dryer on a low setting.

3. Apply Alibi Setting Powder once tattoo is no longer visible. Use Ferbs Powder Dome Brush to dust Alibi Setting Powder over concealed area.

Tip: Always use Alibi Setting Powder to ensure the application looks natural and prevents Tattoo Undercover from smudging off.

4. Remove product by pouring a small amount of baby oil on hands and massage over tattoo, remove with a damp cloth.

For more explanation make sure to check out our Ferbs Cosmetics tattoo cover up directions.

What do you think? Do you have any tattoo cover up ideas that you think we may have missed?

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