Brenda Name Tattoo – Bad, Creepy or Both?

Lock your doors, Brenda, lock your doors.

Is this a bad name tattoo or just a bad tattoo? Either way it would take a lot of tattoo makeup to cover and seems a little creepy to us. Found

5 responses to “Brenda Name Tattoo – Bad, Creepy or Both?”

  1. That is just creepy! I agree Brenda!! Lock your doors and pull the shades down!

  2. Thats just creepy!! I agree Brenda,losk your doors and pull down the shades!!

  3. Dpclouse says:

    I would be running so fast if my name was Brenda…. I would be afraid he would eat me…

  4. Duaneduchene says:

    that’s way to creepy he seem’s like a stalker lol

  5. Justinfg67 says:

    eww creeper

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